Electric Mountain Bike Adventures

BIKE ME UP is the realization of our idea for the development of an e-bike tour company not only for cycling on the most beautiful places of Greece but also for enjoying all its magical sceneries. Our cycling tours consists of small groups, so as on the one hand to ensure the character of a personal experience in every moment of the tour and on the other hand be sure that we will meet all expectations and each person’s and group’s specific needs.

Who we are

Vangelis Batzakas and BIKE ME UP team have a long cycling experience not only in the town of Athens, the Athens Riviera and the surroundings of Attika land but also their experience has been built crossing the Greek mountains both in touring and in racing level. Team’s familiarity with pathways' secrets, combined with their deep knowledge on technical issues, strongly guarantee both your e-bike tour pleasure and safety. So, we promise you a holistic experience you don’t deserve to miss.

Our tours

Our tours are formed in a way that everyone finds something that he/she likes. City tours in the old city of Athens, tours in the magical Athens Riviera and tours around the Port of Piraeus for a more urban experience. The island of Aegina and the magical Cycladic islands are there to be explored by individuals in love with the sea. And last but not least, the mountains of Parnitha, Carinthia and Pelion, as well as the lake of Marathon for mountain explorers. Come, with love and respect for the environment, to understand and enjoy Greek nature.

Our equipment

We use Fantic mountain bikes, made in Italy (Leaving Easy). Each bike comes with the latest generation Brose motor. They combine top quality features, power and reliability. Their specifications are compatible with all the laws and regulations of the European Union. With three levels of power assistance, the rider can choose which thrust he/she desires. The maximum of the motor amplification on the pedal can reach up to 280% of the power of the user thus providing significant help, especially on steep routes.


"We had a fantastic day!!!"

John's family

"Well done to the guys - they had organized everything well, all of us became friends, we had a wonderful time!"


"Come to the mountain and experience this magical experience with these magical bikes!!"


"Incredible bikes! Despite being a novice, I covered 26 km in the mountain without fatigue. It really is worth the ride..."


"It's fun and it's worth the money."


Partners and Associates