Dear friends,


Our team welcomes you to our company's webpage. We are an enthusiastic team of e-bike lovers, ready to meet not only your expectations but also to be aligned with your personal needs. We love our country and we would like to present it to you within our eyes, riding our amazing electric bikes. Our core aim is to make you happy, enjoying your rides and excursions, inside and outside Athens, all year round with our brand-new, well-equipped and so comfortable e-bikes!  Don't delay and call us today :-) We are very pleased to present to you BIKE ME UP, the team of six (6), which is ready and well prepared to introduce you to the magic sceneries of Athens, Piraeus, Athens Riviera, Mount. Corinthia, Marathon Lake, Aegina Island, Cyclades and so many other places in Greece.




Vangelis Batzakas (Owner and Founder- Team Member- Guide and E-Bike Guru)

Yannis Marinos (Team Member- Guide)

Laurance Vamvadelis (Team Member- Guide)

Ellen Van Wingerden (Team Member- Guide)

Maria Fragkaki (Team Member- Instructional Designer)

Eireen Batzakas (Team Member - Office Coordinator / HR)

Nefeli Melita (Team Member- Social Networking)

Nikolas  Margaritis (Team Member- e-bikes Engineer)

Manolis the Lion (Team Member-Dog-Mascot)


Warm Regards,

Vangelis Batzakas

Owner & Founder


*You are very welcomed to join BIKE ME UP family. Just you need to love people, nature and...bikes!!