First and foremost, we are cyclists who literally love what we do. So, after years of cycling with our friends and our participation in mountain bike races, we decided to turn our hobby into a profession and share the places and experiences that charmed us with all of you.

Our dream came true when we started bike me up which we visualized and organized as cycling tours in the most beautiful places of Greece.
Our extensive riding experience in the Greek mountains, has given us the necessary specialty and knowledge to respond to any simple or complex, technical or rescue problem which might occur in any cycling route. We are accredited by MIAS (Mountain-Bike Instructors Award Scheme) and RTI (Rescue Training International) .

In addition, we work with rescue groups throughout Greece , while we offer insurance for both the bike and the user .

bike me up is an invitation from us, but also a challenge for you to explore and enjoy Greek nature with love and respect for the environment.

Our group is open and is waiting for you.