"As you set out of Ithaca hope your road is a long one...

     Not expecting Ithaca to make you rich.

        Ithaka gave you a great journey" 

     (K. Kavafis) 



It is my pleasure to introduce you to Vangelis Batzakas, the owner and co-founder of BIKE ME UP, and my partner in this challenging and wonderful life. You may have a look at a few lines below.


Kind Regards,

Maria Fragkaki,

Ph.D. in ICT in Education 

Member the Team- Instructional Designer





Vangelis-like the composer- (as he usually introduces himself to our foreign friends :-) is a DREAMER with a WARM HEART and a FRESH MIND. First and foremost, he is a CYCLIST, who literally loves what he does. Although his studies were about aircraft- engineering he preferred to make his dreams reality, selecting the area of electric-bikes for leaving. So, his dream came true when he started to BIKE ME UP a few years ago, with his colleague Giannis Gaitanos. Day by day he was starting to map bicycle pathways from some of the most outstanding places of Greece.



In nowadays Vangelis has succeeded to bring in line his heart (LOVE FOR BIKES) with his mind (KNOWLEDGE ABOUT E-BIKES ENGINEERING). Being family with the other members of BIKE ME UP, Vangelis succeeded to fulfil his dream. He knows Athens and Piraeus city better than his home, as well as Athens Riviera's most fantastic areas, as he was born and leave in one of Piraeus neighbourhoods for almost 53 years. He loves to TRAVEL AND  EXPLORE with his e-bike the mountains and lakes of Greece, as he has a LONG CYCLING EXPERIENCE not only as far as touring is concerned, but also on a racing level. Moreover, his ENGINEERING KNOWLEDGE  makes him more than capable to respond to any simple or complex, technical or rescue problem which might occur in any cycling route. His familiarity with the specific circumstances of every tour, combined with his deep technical knowledge on e-bikes, strongly guarantee to deal with any problems that may occur during any cycling route. 

 Vangelis argues that it is not the destination that is worth reached but the journey itself, the experiences you gain riding to the desired destination. As Kavafis, the great Greek poet says: “As you set out of Ithaca hope your road is a long one... Not expecting Ithaca to make you rich. Ithaca gave you the marvellous journey”.