Vangelis Batzakas, the owner of BIKE ME UP, recommends his colleague Ellen Van Wingerden, as following. 


Kind Regards

Vangelis Batzakas

Owner & Founder



Our all-round multilingual team member Ellen is a real outdoor sport σenthusiastic and has biking in her veins since she grew up in the Netherlands. She got involved in E-BIKING when she encountered some serious back problems but didn’t want to give up biking in the Greek mountains.

Ellen has a degree in HISTORY and loves sharing her knowledge and, sometimes hilarious, experiences of living more than half of her life in Greece. Furthermore, she is a passionate PHOTOGRAPHER  and always willing to advise you about scenic spots.

Last but not least we must admit that she sometimes drives us mad with her Dutch insistence on organisation and details but what can we do, her sweet smile is irresistible.