"There are not ready-made paths, 

                                                                We chase them as we move forward”

                                                                              (A.  Machado)


Vangelis Batzakas, the owner of BIKE ME UP, recommends his colleague and life- partner, Maria Fragkaki, as following. 


Kind Regards

Vangelis Batzakas

Owner & Founder



Maria is not a bicycle athlete, but is collaborating with us voluntarily, because of her love for the city, she grew up in, as she adores Athens’s classic neighborhoods and the history behind the ancient buildings. She loves the facilities of our comfortable electric bicycles and an interesting piece of information is that… she loves me :-)

Holding two postgraduate degrees and a Ph.D. in the domain of “Information Technology in Education” (ICT), she offers to our team not only the TECHNOLOGICAL EXPERTISE we need to for being a modern and innovative company, but also she provides us with the EDUCATIONAL VIEW that drives us to knowledgeable e-bike excursions.

Maria has also a 25th teaching experience in the domain of SPECIAL EDUCATION NEEDS (SEN). She has a dream, to make cycling accessible FOR ALL, through the capabilities of our electronic bicycles. As she has some mobility problems by herself, she fights for every person to be able to move EASILY with e-bikes affordances, in areas that otherwise could not. Her skills in that domain add value to our company when she is providing us with all the necessary knowledge and experience to deal with each cyclist’s case holistically.

Maria's daily -contact with young people, as she is an academic educator at the University of Patras, is contributing with a PEDAGOGICAL APPROACH our new clients- we considered them as friends-, with an empathetical view on their needs and unique desires.