Take me with your bike,  Woof- Woof- Woofke

                                                          Ride me to the sun, Woof- Woof- Woofke                                                                               

                                                                     A Ride- just a Ride                                                                               


It is my pleasure to introduce you to Mano the Lion, the mascot of BIKE ME UP, and my pet. You may have a look at a few lines below.


Kind Regards,

Maria Fragkaki,

Ph.D. in ICT in Education 

Member the Team- Instructional Designer


Sure we must not forget to introduce you to another member of our company, our ex-stray dog Emmanuel, the so-called "Mano the Lion". He loves biking with us in his SPECIAL PET-CARRIER, enjoying every km of our ride.

Ok, its a fact sometimes is barking, when for example you forget to caress him, or even when you avoid playing with him with his chewing bone. The worst of all can happen when you forget to treat him with SOUVLAKI and PITA-BREAD after your ride.