Nefeli loves the peacefulness of nature and the joy that her bicycle is offering, enjoying each secret spot of Athens and the hidden beauties of our country. E-biking added an alternative value to each one of her trips.

Nefeli loves so much her cat with the name MO and she is relaxing playing kickboxing at the gym, after a hard-working day. She studies Mathematics at the University of Athens and she is practising her skills, working for our company. Her added value to BikeMeUp economic policy is valuable as well as her contribution to the social networking of our company.

On the one hand, the artistic nature of Nefeli- as graded of the Art School of Athens- and on the other hand, her algorithmically view on things, add to BikeMeUp the so refreshing air of youth!


Vangelis Batzakas

Owner of BikeMeUp