Dear friends,


Our team welcomes you to our company's webpage. We are an enthusiastic team of e-bike lovers, ready to meet not only your expectations but also to be aligned with your personal needs. We love our country and we would like to present it to you within our eyes, riding our amazing electric bikes. Our core aim is to make you happy, enjoying your rides and excursions, inside and outside Athens, all year round with our brand-new, well-equipped and so comfortable e-bikes!  Don't delay and call us today :-) We are very pleased to present to you BIKE ME UP, the team of six (6), which is ready and well prepared to introduce you to the magic sceneries of Athens, Piraeus, Athens Riviera, Mount. Corinthia, Marathon Lake, Aegina Island, Cyclades and so many other places in Greece.




Vangelis Batzakas (Owner and Founder- Team Member- Guide and E-Bike Guru)

Yannis Marinos (Team Member- Guide)

Laurance Vamvadelis (Team Member- Guide)

Ellen Van Wingerden (Team Member- Guide)

Maria Fragkaki (Team Member- Instructional Designer)

Eireen Batzakas (Team Member - Office Coordinator / HR)

Nefeli Melita (Team Member- Social Networking)

Nikolas  Margaritis (Team Member- e-bikes Engineer)

Manolis the Lion (Team Member-Dog-Mascot)


Warm Regards,

Vangelis Batzakas

Owner & Founder


*You are very welcomed to join BIKE ME UP family. Just you need to love people, nature and...bikes!!






     "As you set out of Ithaca hope your road is a long one...

     Not expecting Ithaca to make you rich.

        Ithaka gave you a great journey" 

     (K. Kavafis) 



It is my pleasure to introduce you to Vangelis Batzakas, the owner and co-founder of BIKE ME UP, and my partner in this challenging and wonderful life. You may have a look at a few lines below.


Kind Regards,

Maria Fragkaki,

Ph.D. in ICT in Education 

Member the Team- Instructional Designer





Vangelis-like the composer- (as he usually introduces himself to our foreign friends :-) is a DREAMER with a WARM HEART and a FRESH MIND. First and foremost, he is a CYCLIST, who literally loves what he does. Although his studies were about aircraft- engineering he preferred to make his dreams reality, selecting the area of electric-bikes for leaving. So, his dream came true when he started to BIKE ME UP a few years ago, with his colleague Giannis Gaitanos. Day by day he was starting to map bicycle pathways from some of the most outstanding places of Greece.



In nowadays Vangelis has succeeded to bring in line his heart (LOVE FOR BIKES) with his mind (KNOWLEDGE ABOUT E-BIKES ENGINEERING). Being family with the other members of BIKE ME UP, Vangelis succeeded to fulfil his dream. He knows Athens and Piraeus city better than his home, as well as Athens Riviera's most fantastic areas, as he was born and leave in one of Piraeus neighbourhoods for almost 53 years. He loves to TRAVEL AND  EXPLORE with his e-bike the mountains and lakes of Greece, as he has a LONG CYCLING EXPERIENCE not only as far as touring is concerned, but also on a racing level. Moreover, his ENGINEERING KNOWLEDGE  makes him more than capable to respond to any simple or complex, technical or rescue problem which might occur in any cycling route. His familiarity with the specific circumstances of every tour, combined with his deep technical knowledge on e-bikes, strongly guarantee to deal with any problems that may occur during any cycling route. 

 Vangelis argues that it is not the destination that is worth reached but the journey itself, the experiences you gain riding to the desired destination. As Kavafis, the great Greek poet says: “As you set out of Ithaca hope your road is a long one... Not expecting Ithaca to make you rich. Ithaca gave you the marvellous journey”.  




Vangelis Batzakas, the owner of BIKE ME UP, recommends his colleague Ellen Van Wingerden, as following. 


Kind Regards

Vangelis Batzakas

Owner & Founder



Our all-round multilingual team member Ellen is a real outdoor sport σenthusiastic and has biking in her veins since she grew up in the Netherlands. She got involved in E-BIKING when she encountered some serious back problems but didn’t want to give up biking in the Greek mountains.

Ellen has a degree in HISTORY and loves sharing her knowledge and, sometimes hilarious, experiences of living more than half of her life in Greece. Furthermore, she is a passionate PHOTOGRAPHER  and always willing to advise you about scenic spots.

Last but not least we must admit that she sometimes drives us mad with her Dutch insistence on organisation and details but what can we do, her sweet smile is irresistible.







                                                                  "There are not ready-made paths, 

                                                                We chase them as we move forward”

                                                                              (A.  Machado)


Vangelis Batzakas, the owner of BIKE ME UP, recommends his colleague and life- partner, Maria Fragkaki, as following. 


Kind Regards

Vangelis Batzakas

Owner & Founder



Maria is not a bicycle athlete, but is collaborating with us voluntarily, because of her love for the city, she grew up in, as she adores Athens’s classic neighborhoods and the history behind the ancient buildings. She loves the facilities of our comfortable electric bicycles and an interesting piece of information is that… she loves me :-)

Holding two postgraduate degrees and a Ph.D. in the domain of “Information Technology in Education” (ICT), she offers to our team not only the TECHNOLOGICAL EXPERTISE we need to for being a modern and innovative company, but also she provides us with the EDUCATIONAL VIEW that drives us to knowledgeable e-bike excursions.

Maria has also a 25th teaching experience in the domain of SPECIAL EDUCATION NEEDS (SEN). She has a dream, to make cycling accessible FOR ALL, through the capabilities of our electronic bicycles. As she has some mobility problems by herself, she fights for every person to be able to move EASILY with e-bikes affordances, in areas that otherwise could not. Her skills in that domain add value to our company when she is providing us with all the necessary knowledge and experience to deal with each cyclist’s case holistically.

Maria's daily -contact with young people, as she is an academic educator at the University of Patras, is contributing with a PEDAGOGICAL APPROACH our new clients- we considered them as friends-, with an empathetical view on their needs and unique desires.






                                                    Take me with your bike,  Woof- Woof- Woofke

                                                          Ride me to the sun, Woof- Woof- Woofke                                                                               

                                                                     A Ride- just a Ride                                                                               


It is my pleasure to introduce you to Mano the Lion, the mascot of BIKE ME UP, and my pet. You may have a look at a few lines below.


Kind Regards,

Maria Fragkaki,

Ph.D. in ICT in Education 

Member the Team- Instructional Designer


Sure we must not forget to introduce you to another member of our company, our ex-stray dog Emmanuel, the so-called "Mano the Lion". He loves biking with us in his SPECIAL PET-CARRIER, enjoying every km of our ride.

Ok, its a fact sometimes is barking, when for example you forget to caress him, or even when you avoid playing with him with his chewing bone. The worst of all can happen when you forget to treat him with SOUVLAKI and PITA-BREAD after your ride.  




I’m very happy to participate in some of the programs of BΙΚΕMEUP. These programs are very much centralized on discovery activities in town and on islands but also on Greek mountains. The owner is regardful to propose personalized and exciting tours. I am very concerned to offer in tours I guide in English but also in French which is my native language, an experience of the discovery of Greece of which I share the destiny for 30 years and the stories related to the visited places.


Je suis très heureuse de participer à une partie des programmes de BIKEMEUP. Ces programmes sont centralisés sur des activités de découvertes en ville, sur les îles mais aussi dans les montagnes grecques. Le propriétaire est soucieux de proposer des tours personnalisés et originaux. e suis moi-même très soucieuse d’offrir une visite riche en expérience en échangeant avec vous une découverte de la Grèce dont je partage le destin depuis 30 ans et les histoires qui racontent les lieux visités.






Nefeli loves the peacefulness of nature and the joy that her bicycle is offering, enjoying each secret spot of Athens and the hidden beauties of our country. E-biking added an alternative value to each one of her trips.

Nefeli loves so much her cat with the name MO and she is relaxing playing kickboxing at the gym, after a hard-working day. She studies Mathematics at the University of Athens and she is practising her skills, working for our company. Her added value to BikeMeUp economic policy is valuable as well as her contribution to the social networking of our company.

On the one hand, the artistic nature of Nefeli- as graded of the Art School of Athens- and on the other hand, her algorithmically view on things, add to BikeMeUp the so refreshing air of youth!


Vangelis Batzakas

Owner of BikeMeUp


coming soon :-)


We Are Hiring, so Work for Us, with Us!

Position: “CYCLING TOUR GUIDE” (contract, full time, part-time)

(Entry into Employment: March 2020)



The Company:

BIKE ME UP name is based in the historical centre of Athens, in Greece. The company is the realization of Vangelis’ idea that has been funded as an innovative startup company from'' The People’s Trust'' Organization during 2017 and from Eurobank through EGG program during 2019.

The family of BIKE ME UP consisted of a team of active and modern colleagues with its main target is to relate their love for cycling with a lovely work environment in a cosy office in the heart of Plaka and e-bike excursions in the most amazing sceneries of Greece.

With love and respect for the environment, we offer to our customers’ alternative possibilities, from self-guided to organized tour excursion, biking to a variety of biking paths. 


The Position:

We’re looking for a Cyclist Tour Guide, who combines his/her love for e-bikes with extensive experience in the field of the truistic guiding with bikes as well as.


Key Responsibilities and Tasks:

Guide Responsibilities and Tasks

  • Tour guiding with Bike Me Up electric bicycles in Athens and in several places of Greece (e.g. Attica mountains, Cyclades islands, Peloponnese, Mount. Corinthia etc.)
  • Set up, pack up, and actively aid to all guests using the e-bicycles, each day.
  • Be flexible in your job role and willing to assist in all other duties, within reason, as requested by your manager


Office Responsibilities and Tasks

  • Renting e-Bicycles (e.g. defining insurance papers, basic bicycle maintenance and adjustments to customers’ needs, check on bicycles good use on return, etc.);
  • Office Organizing (e.g. receiving and responding to emails; comment on customers Reviews in Social Media; bike fitting, etc.);
  • Help and host social events during the e-bike excursions, always deliver briefings and generally interact with guests.


Qualifications and Experience required

  • Experience on e-bicycles touristic guiding on and off-road, inside and outside Athens;
  • Fluency in English language (oral and written);
  • Experience of basic technical e- bicycles maintenance;


Personal Qualities

  • Ability to effectively communicate with guests of all ages, management, and other staff;
  • Approachable, welcoming, friendly, and enthusiastic,


Submission Information

Apply in Facebook Page

  1. Submit both your CV and Cover Letter in Bike Me Up email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  • Cover letter (one page, describing why you are good for this position, in relation to your experience and studies);
  • Curriculum Vitae (one page, describing your experience on professional cycling and tour guiding, your fluency on English language or other and your studies)


Submissions: December 15th

Company’s email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Interviews: December 18 December 22


  • Note:

The applications that will be received under consideration will include both (1) the submitted Application in the Facebook Page and (2) cv and cover letter in the company’s email.