Dear friends, Mount Parnitha is a densely forested mountain range north of Athens, the highest on the peninsula of Attica, with an elevation of 1,413 m, and a summit known as Karavola. As for the palace was the summer residence of the former royal family. The challenging surroundings of the summer palace are waiting for us to explore. So, be ready! A day-ride will take place in Tatoi, the ancient city of Dhekelia. Inside a 10.000-acre estate, we are inviting you to ride through numerous well- preserved stone buildings of unique beauty and historical value.


    • 09.00 pm: meeting in BIKE ME UP, Kapniakareas 19A & Kalogrioni street

    • 09.00 pm- 09.30 pm: fitting our e-bikes to your needs; introducing you to each bike functionality and enjoy an energetic drink for an energetic kick-off

    • 09.30 pm:  Boarding to our company’s –car and driving you through the modern neighbors of Athens’ to the upper gate of the Royal estates, in Parnitha mountain,

    • 10.00 pm: We start our ride-excursion; exploring the residential complex of the Palace; Visiting the funerary complex & the Mausoleum and ride through the earthen roads of the Royal estates

    • 11.15 pm: We departure to the Parnitha source and stop for enjoying the view and take some unique pictures; depart to the intimate Stourm & perimeter route royal estate and ride through f the ancient settlements of the ancient Dhekelia

    • 13.00 pm: Our arrival in the entrance of Leuka (upper gate of the Royal estates), will be joint with unique picnic moments, listening Greek music and reflecting on our experience with all our senses

    • 14.30-15.00: Driving back to our company in Plaka


Excursion Details: Distance 21,9 km / ΜA 548 m / Min.A 402 m / DA 146 m / S95-Α05 / DD 2,5:5

Offered:  a tasteful bar, cold water, healthy and juicy sandwiches & an energetic juice

Note: MA=maximum altitude, Min.A=minimum altitude, DA=Difference of altitudes, S=Soil, A=Asphalt, DD=Degree of difficulty

21,9 km


From : € ...Contact as to listen to your needs/ Special Prices for families and Children


...Contact as to listen to your needs/ Special Prices for families and Children


From : € ...Contact as to listen to your needs/ Special Prices for families and Children


This tour will take as through the scenic paths of the Parnitha mount. Much of the mountain is designated a national park, who is expecting us to explore with our e-bikes. It is a protected habitat for wildfowl, first created in 1961. The name of the mountain dates back to ancient times when it was under the ancient demes of Archana and Decelerations.

The pine-lined streets are going to be carved from our e-bikes. We will ride through green forest trails, feeling the breeze of the streams' cool waters not only in our body but also in our mind.

Moreover, we will have the chance to admire the great variety of greenery, with tall shade trees, dense bushes, and green meadows. Afterwards, in so close proximity to the noisy Athens, we will enjoy the coolness of the peaceful Pranitha’s east slope.

Our bikes will cross the forest of 'Platanos', which is located a couple of meters away from the outer outpost of the royal estate. We'll be cycling across the green meadows of the estate and there we will meet a trail, which will lead as to the former dairy.

After reaching the old cowshed, we'll climb up to the poplar lined road, which is heading towards the Royal cemetery.

Our first stop for some rest will be at the tombs and the Mausoleum, and then we will continue our tour, riding downhill towards the old police station the so-called 'The Ypaspistirio'.

Then, we will turn left, and we will cycle through the residential caregiver and gardener. There it's time to make our next stop, taking photos at the royal mansion and pool, drink our refreshments and taste bike me up energetic 4 flavors bars, to gain our lost energy.

An interesting piece of information is that in the area the vegetation becomes really thick because of the water basin which has been created from the running waters.

Along the way, we will have visual contact of all the charming stone houses, that maintain their architectural characteristics and bearing royal symbols. Heading off south, towards Krioneri, we will leave the building complex behind us and we will have the chance to admire the pine forest that surrounds the estate, by having at that time, a round trip from our starting point.

What our next station will be? The Kithara pond.! There, the ascent takes place along the stream and when we will cross the little river, we will discover ourselves in the middle of the artificial lake Kithara that it was named like that, because of its characteristic shape. Don't forget! You will listen also the most amazing music there not from Vivaldi but for a plethora of birds!!! Yes!!! That's fantastic!!!

We haven't finished yet. It time to enjoy some cold water and then we'll follow the forest trail that will lead as to the northern spring of the estate.

While gazing at the pine wooded area on the right, and opposite Penteli mount we will recognize the foot of Dionysos mountain and the state of the art neighborhood of Ekali.

Towards the end of our tour, we will cross the road that leads us to Katsimidi with its delicious lamb chops' taverns and then we will find ourselves in the east part of the royal estate. Then, we will pedal with all of our energy, along a shady and peaceful forest trail until reaching back to our starting point. 

A trip never has an end. A ride is not about the destination but is about the journey. It is an interactive process among feelings, thoughts, senses and the reflection on ourselves. Believe us, our ride is a gained valuable moment, a moment of our life.

Don't hesitate to call. Ride your dreams!

We will ride with you, as an alternative team of e-bikers!

See you soon:-)

Start Point

Alernative Start Point



  • Electric mountain bikes Pedelec type

  • Picnic with snacks, energetic refreshments, cold water, and juicy sandwiches

  • Bicycle equipment (helmet, lights, transport bag small items)

  • Guide - Companion

  • Mapped route

  • Snacks & Water

  • Transportation to and from the route starting point (with charge)*


  • Transportation to and from the company's starting point with our transfer car 

  • Participants Insurance (available at a cost of 16 € / person)