4 to 6hrs


Athens Riviera is the so-called coastal side of Athens. A ride to a magnificent route, by the sea, is totally ideal for families and not only. This ride is unique for relaxation, providing us with the chance to leave the picturesque Plaka and reach the Riviera, crossing through Athens state of the art monuments and reaching the Saronic Gulf. Moreover, the area along the pedestrian sidewalk is ideal not only for cycling but also for leisure, entertainment, and sports, feeling the sea breeze. A must-do ride is just outside Athens, ready to offer us the touch of the blue sea, having the sky stars as a background and make us feel the coolness of the crystal waters. The Attica Riviera - the jewel of south Attica - is here to make us wonder whether we are still in the mainland or in a beautiful Greek island.


  • Plaka neighborhood
  • Hadrian's Library
  • Roman Agora
  • Greek Agora
  • Attalus Stoa
  • Temple of Hephaestus
  • Petralona neighborhood
  • Kalithea recreation area
  • Stavros Niarchos Cultural Center
  • National Opera House
  • National Library
  • Naval museum - Battleship Averof
  • Flisvos Marina
  • Paleo Faliro coastal area
  • Archaeological site of Keramikos (Ancient GreekCemetery)
  • ADD ON: Vouliagmeni Natural Spa Lake 
23 / 52 km


From : € 25


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From : € 55 Standard / € 35 Youth (12-17)


The ride with our -all brand new - Hybrid Electric Bikes is starting from Athens’ Historic center, the so-called and scenic neighborhood of Plaka. We continue our ride, towards the coastal part of the city, for so a relaxed and enjoyable tour.

By setting the correct height of our bikes, and receiving a fruitful introduction about the tour’s highlights, we will start our tour, riding on wide pedestrian streets.  Leaving the city of Athens behind us, we are passing through several ancient Greek and Roman monuments. The Roman Agora, the Greek Agora, the Attalou Stoa and the Temple of Hephaestus will catch our interest by their unique cultural sense. We continue our ride in a flat bike path, passing between urban neighborhoods, being – even for a while – a part of the Athenians’ everyday life. We will cycle along the neighbors of Petralona, Tavros Kallithea and Moschato and then we will reach the magnificent areas of the coastline!

Our first stop is “Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center” (SNFCC), so you are gaining the great chance to visit both the new National Library and the Opera House of Athens. Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center was designed - and succeeded-to be a sustainable, world-class cultural, educational and recreational urban complex. It is well known that During November 2016, the SNFCC achieved the highest and most stringent international standard for sustainable design and construction - the Platinum LEED – for its innovative architecture and green technology.

We continue our Athens Coastal Ride, by crossing the battleship “Averof” the Naval Floating Museum & the Flisvos Marina, the harbor, which has been designed to satisfy the accommodation needs of the luxurious yachts’ owners.

A great variety of food choices, entertainment and shopping is expecting us there, since the luxury area covers not only the needs of even the most demanding customers in the world but also at the same time it consists an ideal choice for families to feel romantic and relaxing moments.

We will continue our cycling on the seaside pedestrian streets, visiting smaller marinas, watching different style sailing boats and at the same time enjoying the sea breeze, the sun, and the crystal blue Mediterranean Sea. Alimos the so beautiful municipality of South Athens is expecting us. Here, we will have a short stop at the sandy beach, enjoying the view of the sea, swimming or just have a cold drink at the beach bar.

At that point we’re at half-way through our Athens Coastal Ride. Leaving behind our enjoyable brake we are starting our way back towards Athens hustle and bustle center. Just before the end of our ride we will stop in one of the most flavoring places in the city’s heart, to enjoy traditional Greek sweet “Loukoumades” (Greek doughnuts). The amazing taste and the sweetness if the pure rhyme honey will be returning you back the lost energy! And have in mind that you will taste the best doughnuts ever, as the certain recipe it’s a family secret that comes back from 1911.In parallel, you will have the chance once more to feel like a local, as that place is a non-tourist attraction.

The end of our e-ride experience has come, remind us Gail Simmons quote that “There is no better way to bring people together than with desserts and travel”

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  • Hybrid Electric Bicycle
  • Safety equipment (helmet, lights)
  • Guide (Guided Tour)
  • Snack & Water


  •  Insurance (available with an additional cost of 16 €/person)
  • Εntrance fees in Archaeological sites, Museums & places of attraction