We go cycling on Parnassus and Kallidromo, the mountains east and west of the Valley of Kifissos River, on a forest path which often hosts the Acropolis Rally. At an altitude of 1,350 meters there are lakes, streams and green plateaus creating a haven for herds of cattle which stare at us indifferently as we cycle past them. The view to Maliakos Gulf fascinates us from the picturesque village of Mendenitsa with the Venetian castle. Back in the valley, we visit the unique in Greece Bread Museum of Amfiklia and the Kifissos River with its sources at Agia Eleousa in Ano Polydroso while we indulge in the Hot Springs of Thermopylae and the dishes from Roumeli which lead us to a temporary exaggeration. The harmonious contrasts and beautiful landscapes charm the visitor who makes the promise to return.



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1. Drimea - Mendenitsa - Tithronio - Drimea

    • 09:00 meeting at Drimea, start of excursion
    • A short stop at the edge of the forest at Lazaro area
    • Riding through the plateaus with the flocks of cattle
    • Cycle past the Monastery of Holy Trinity
    • 11:00 stop at Mendenitsa. Visit to the Venetian castle. Lunch at the square overlooking the Maliakos Gulf
    • 13:00 departure from Mendenitsa heading for the Passage of Kleisoura
    • Pass from Tithronio
    • 15:00 arrival at Drimea, end of excursion

Excursion Details:Distance 42.3 km. / MA 1.298 m. / Min.A. 453 m. / DA 845 m. / S.75-A.25 / DD 3.5: 5
Offers: snacks, water, appetizer, salad and meal





2. Scouts - Ano Polydroso - Amfikleia

    • 09:00 meeting near the scout camp - start of excursion. Head for Agnadio Lithari
    • Pass from the international mountain path O22
    • Cycling past Panagia
    • Cycling past Ano Polydroso towards Agia Eleousa and the sources of the Kifissos River
    • Short stop at the sources of the Kifissos River
    • 12:00 arrival at Polydroso, stop for lunch and rest at the village square
    • 13:30 departure from Polydroso towards Amfikleia
    • 15:00 arrival at Amfikleia, end of excursion

Excursion Details:Distance 41.2 km. / MA 1249 m. / Min.A. 241 m. /DA 1.008 m. / S80-A20 / DD 3.5: 5
Offers: snacks, water, appetizer, salad and meal





3. Amfikaia - Amfikleia - Kampos - Amfikaia

    • 09:00 meeting at the parking site of "Amfikaia" estate
    • Cycling towards Amfikleia
    • 10:00 arrival at Amfikleia
    • Visit to the Bread Museum
    • 11:20 departure towards the area of Lampsakos
    • Pass from the plain and the Kifissos River
    • 13:00 arrival at "Amfikaia" estate - end of excursion

Excursion Details:Distance 23.98 km. / MA 502 m. / Min.A. 171 m. / DA 331 m. / S70-A30 / DD 2: 5
Offers: snacks, water, appetizer, salad and meal






  • Electric mountain bikes of Pedelec type
  • Bike equipment (helmet, lights, transport bag for small items)
  • Guide - companion
  • A mapped route for each day of the excursion
  • An evening route (in case of 3-day or 4-day excursions)
  • Visits to archaeological sites, museums & places of attraction
  • 3 Days Trip / 2 Nights
  • Snack & water (for every outing)
  • Accommodation in the best lodgings of the area
  • Brunch (breakfast ) & 2 lunches
  • Transportation to and from Amfikleia *(If package with transfer is selected)


  • Transportation to and from Amfikleia *(If package without transfer is selected)
  • Insurance of participants (available at a cost of 16 € / person)