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Frequently Asked Questions

We answer some of the most frequently asked questions from our clients

What can e-bike touring offer me?
E-bike cycling ensures a comfortable ride for the rider due to the convenience derived from the controllable help and as a result, it can satisfy the desire for easy or difficult exercise. It is also an ecological approach, as it gives us the opportunity to cover long distances without pollutants and contamination and in this way, protect the mountainous unspoilt environment, landscapes and nature at the high altitudes we go.
Why should I take part in such a tour programme?
Because I will have new experiences, I will meet new people, come to know archaeological sites and places of historic interest, recreation places, unique customs and cultures. Finally, I will get mental health and develop my technique in mountain bike riding.
Can one participate in a cycling tourism programme without prior knowledge of mountain bike riding?
Journeys are of specific difficulty levels which are described separately for each one of these. In general, rudimentary fitness is required for the participant, along with a good sense of balance and one should have experienced cycling in the mountains at least once.
Can one with health problems take part?
If there is a health problem, this should be communicated to the guides and the company and then, after consideration, participation will be approved or rejected. Generally talking, cycling exercise can be smooth which makes participation easier for people with diabetes, heart problems, arthritis, etc. always, of course, with the doctor’s permission.
Can I cover cycling distance of 40 km in the mountain?
Certainly it is possible, especially for someone who has already done mountain bike riding, even shorter distances in the mountains. This is due to the motor assist selection, where necessary, that is when going uphill. Also, some of our routes (up to difficulty level 3) are recommended for a beginner as long as there has been previous experience in the mountains, even for once. This is so because there are several rest stops during the tour as we practice cycling tourism in general and not mountain bike races.
Can I participate with my family?
Of course you can. Bike-me-up was created for families so that they can live new experiences, tighten their bonds and allow the weaker to follow the stronger with the help offered by the different assisted bicycles. For the little ones, weighing up to 15 kg, it is possible to sit on a chair behind their parents while minor children, over 12 years old, may participate under the supervision of their guardian.
What happens if I have an accident during the journey?
Guides-mountain escorts are accredited first aiders with CPR knowledge by the RTI and in addition they carry the necessary first aid kit. Additionally, we maintain cooperation with rescue teams in every region of our cycling that can rapidly intervene in case of an emergency.
What happens if there is a breakdown along the way?
As a precaution, our tours are always accompanied by a mountain guide who is certified by MIAS and who can repair the bike using the equipment they carry so as to help the bike reach our base.
Are there dangerous snakes and insects in the excursions?
Of the approximately 10 species of snakes that exist in Greece, only 2-3 are dangerous and these only when threatened. Generally, we avoid locations where there are snakes and insects while we always carry first aid kits.
What are the weather conditions in mountain trails?
In Greece, weather conditions are those of the Mediterranean climate with several hours of sunshine most days of the year. The best seasons for bicycle tourism are spring and autumn. In the summer, especially on days with increased temperatures, we prefer forest paths which are shady and cool. In winter, we propose various gear as far as the clothing of the rider is concerned and avoid the days with frost and snow. We always consult weather sites and get weather forecasts while a day before the tour we update participants of the weather conditions we will face as well as the proposed clothing and gear for the particular excursion.
Do I need any special gear?
The company equips all participants with pedelec bikes in their size, with helmets, lights (when necessary), water, snacks and bicycle bags with pockets for small items. We always recommend the participant to take some extra food or juice, especially when our paths are at inaccessible places. Additionally, during spring and summer we recommend the use of high SPF sunscreen and insect repellent gel or spray.
What kind of clothes and accessories should I wear?
We consider sunglasses necessary, and during the winter months it is good for them to have light-colored lenses, sports shoes and comfortable clothes. Bike tights with inside pads (cushion) would help, but these are not necessary since the saddles we use are very comfortable and are strengthened with gel for better feel. It would be nice to have a pair of gloves for extra protection of the hands while during cold-weather riding a spare jumper or a windstopper bike jacket would be a must. Jewelry, watches, long necklaces, bracelets or clothes with protruding accessories must be avoided.
What if the battery runs out?
If the battery is flat, the bicycle continues to operate and can be cycled without aiding with just a little more difficulty. We take care to prevent this by drafting our routes in such a way that when we cover great distances, over 35 km, to have already arranged specific charging stops.